About Us

You can spend an entire day in the attic with Billy’s collection of books. An artist by profession, he was the head of INTACH for Himachal, and is an environmentalist, photographer and writer. His wide range of interests on the journey of the self is reflected in the collection of books on art, architecture, culture, poetry, philosophy, mythology, religion. His paintings and sketches can be found all over the house. 

Sanjiv's Aira Holme Retreat was started in 2005 by Billy and Sanjiv and is now run by Billy and their daughter Panita Virmani in memory of Sanjiv who passed away in 2016. 

The large variety of flowers and foliage planted by Sanjiv, an avid gardener, are a refreshing respite from the general concrete of town construction. A well-equipped kitchen will provide you meals on request and you won't be disappointed by the fragrances or the flavours.