Original Cottage
Built in 1870 by the British in "dhajji'', lath and plaster style of construction, the Aira Holme estate was originally named "Morefield Grange". In 1911, this became a part of the estate of Sir Jogendra Singh, at that time the Home and Finance Minister of Patiala, and later, Punjab's Agriculture, Power and Finance Minister, who named it "Aira Holme" after his estate in Uttar Pradesh. Sir Jogendra Sigh would later serve as the Chief Minister of Patiala and Agriculture Minister to the Geovernment of India and Permanent Member of the Viceroy's Council. This  cottage was constructed in 1920, as a billiards room cum guesthouse. This was inherited by Sanjiv, Sir Jogendra's grand-daughter.

The cottage was extended recently with locally-available materials, stone and wood. Sloping galvanised iron roofs, hand-chipped stone exteriors and dark wood panelling are in character with with its surroundings. Large windows give it an airy, open feel ensuring that, wherever you are, nature looks you in the eye. The major criterion of location of British houses was designed in conformity to being season-friendly and the picturesque landscape, access to natural views ans seclusion. This cottage is no exception.